Investment highlights


StormGeo Group

Chairman & Investor

2007 - 2018

Global Company focusing on risk response analysis for weather exposed industrial operations.

Acquired 43% of equity in StormWeather Centre in 2007, designed and implemented an international strategy focusing on taking the core of the Company from "weather centric" to "asset centric" by combining world class weather research with unique user data generated by each individual asset.

Since launch of strategy in 2008, the Company has expanded from 2 offices in Norway to 25 offices in 17 Countries. Revenue has increased more than 15 times - through a combination of strong organic growth - as well as some few targeted acquisitions. EBIT is up 15x in the same period.

As part of the growth drive we saw the need for new ownership and access to capital. Through partnership with initially Reiten & Co (sold 2014) - and thereafter DNVGL and lastly EQT Private Equity we have secured a strong partnership culture that will help leverage the Company into next phase.

The initial valuation increased 20x before final exit late autumn 2017


Chairman & Investor (32%)

Corporate strategy and New media Consultancy.

Vestland acted as co-founder in 2005 and developed the Company into a leading position in Norway within digital media knowledge. The Company was partly sold to Danish Aller Group in 2014 - at attractive valuation, the remaining holding was divested in 2016 to Aller as well. Key operational partners will continue cooperation for years to come.

All parties are very happy :-)

VI retain a small holding in mutual business idea and also serve on the BOD of this entity



GeoKnowledge AS

Director & shareholder (33%)

2005 – December 2012 (7 years)

Leading software Company in risk management within oil industry. Strong market position worldwide. We sold the Company to Schlumberger (SLB) end 2012. Profit multiplied more than 10x during ownership. Compounded return of more than 20x investment.

Stepped out of BoD as part of transaction.



Viken Fibernett AS (Altibox)

Chairman and co-founder

2005 – 2009 (4 years)

Co-founded the Company and served as Chairman from inception in 2005. From 0 to investments of MNOK 450 in 4 years, while deploying more than 25,000 active households in and around Oslo area and the Fredrikstad area.

Strong position in building fibreoptic networks and delivering triple play (TV, Internet, Phone etc). The Company was funded by a mix of Debt (IBM), public bonds and equity raised in Norway.

Sold the Company to Lyse Energy in spring 2009. At the time of sale Viken Fiber had established a significant position in Fiber infrastructure as well as built a large customer base in Eastern part of Norway (Oslo + Østfold).




Chairman & Investor

2005 - 2008 (sold to Telenor)

Mobile service provider, helped build the Company by aquiring lesser Mobile Companies as well as focusing on organic growth. Sold the company to Telenor in 2008 with good profit for all parties. The transaction needed approval from competition authorities in Norway. Hired management in 2006 still in place. Talkmore has seen strong growth in the ownership of Telenor.



Payex Group (founded as eSolutions Group)

Chairman and co-founder (25%)

2000 – 2008 (8 years)

Nordic significant player in field of technology driven financial services. AAA rated. Co-founded large part of the current group in 2000 with Raymond Klavestad and Lars Krosby. Was voted no 1 payment provider in Nordic area and won competition to be preferred supplier of payment services to all media companies in Norway and Sweden.

Sold the Company to partners (Max Hansson) in 2009 at very good profit (numbers not disclosed). The Company was sold on to Swedbank in 2017




Director & Seed Investor (9%)

Part of founding group of "New Hitec Vision" through period 1992 to 2008. Following sale of HV Drilling to National Oilwell helped engineer buyout of rest Hitec, merged with Cybernetix and re-emerged as Hitec Industries and Hitec Vision. Sold respectively HV Ind in 2007 and HV Private Equity in 2008/2009.

Joined again as Director in 2017 and made new investment

Delphi Economics (Delphi Fund management)

Co-Founder & Investor (25%)

1984/5 – 1989 (5 years)

Head of research and business development. Developed the Company into well known brand within financial technology platforms and knowledge of Nordic financal markets.